Nobel Biocare Dental Implant

Nobel Biocare Dental Implant

In the past, people had to accept their dental health condition. Today, thanks to Nobel Biocare's cosmetic dentistry and dental implant solutions, those with concerns about their appearance and dental health no longer have to live without a beautiful smile.
As the company offering a complete solution from root to tooth, technology and products have been specifically designed to work together to deliver the best cosmetic outcome.

Bone and soft tissue stimulating capacity

Unique biomaterial, TiUnite®, enables dentists to deliver Beautiful Teeth Now™ by accelerating osseointegration over machine surface implants and encouraging Soft Tissue Integration™.

TiUnite® promotes osseointegration 
TiUnite® is a biomaterial which actively participates in its integration with human bone. This enhanced surface has been proven to interact with the biological environment and dramatically promote osseointegration.

TiUnite® supports Soft Tissue Integration™ 
Studies show that the structure of soft tissue around TiUnite® implants resembles that around natural teeth; namely an attachment of the junctional epithelium to the implant surface and firm adherence of the underlying connective tissue.

Immediate Function™ functional and esthetic teeth in one treatment session

Immediate Function™ is a core concept of Beautiful Teeth Now™. Nobel Biocare provides a full protocol for Immediate Function™ that's valid for all indications and bone types. This simple protocol instructs dental professionals on how to select and use the implants and give patients an immediate and functioning tooth in one visit.
The benefits of Immediate Function™ are:

  • Shortened treatment time – it is possible to go from tooth loss to having functional and esthetic teeth in one treatment session
  • Better clinical efficiency
  • Greater patient comfort

Replace select system

The Replace Select Tapered 
The Replace Select Tapered design makes the implant mimic a tooth root. This leads to a simple surgical procedure, especially in situations with immediate placement after extraction, and esthetic implant position.

Easy to use

Replace Select Tapered is the fastest growing implant on the market because it is so easy.It can be used for both one- and two-stage surgery.

Smart internal connection

Smart locking internal connection assures perfect fit for the prosthetic components. It is easy to place the abutment and provides a very rigid connection that virtually eliminates screw loosening.

HA-coated or TiUnite surface

Available with HA coating or the unique TiUnite surface.

Tapered implant body for natural anatomy and easy insertion

With a tapered design, you can often place a wider implant and thereby a wider prosthetic table, resulting in a more natural and esthetic contour for the restoration. The tapered implant shape also makes the surgical procedure simple and predictable. With a few drills, you form the final site and the position of the implant is defined.

Perfect for one- or two-stage surgery

Tapered fixture design with 2 mm collar makes it perfect for one-stage surgery.Useful design when placing implants in cases with converging roots from adjacent teeth or for immediate placement in extraction sites.Provides a wider prosthetic platform that gives the final restoration an esthetic contour.

Immediate tooth replacement 

This design represents a landmark in implant treatment for immediate loading. When applicable, your patients will walk out the office with new teeth with immediate function


NobelActive™ is the product of a creative collaboration by four world-renowned dental practitioners

Unique design expands treatment options

The self-condensing abilities of NobelActive™ deliver advantages in all types of bone and in compromised situations, especially in softer bone. 

The self-drilling ability of NobelActive™ allows it to be inserted into sites prepared to a reduced depth. This is useful where sites are close to vital anatomical structures: the mandibular nerve canal or the maxillary sinus, and nose cavity for instance. This means you can be confident of accurate placement while having a minimally invasive procedure. 

The unique combination of design features of NobelActive™ is derived from thorough investigation into the bio-mechanical dynamics of hard and soft tissues surrounding dental implants.

This revolutionary implant design has already been in use since 2004 and in thousands of cases.

By combining the clinically documented 98% success rate (Scientific Evidence) with the outstanding track record of TiUnite™, NobelActive™ promises to change how implant restorations are performed.

NobelActive™ offers unique advantages

  • potentially fewer drilling protocol steps, depending on bone density and quantity
  • minimal osteotomy with minor trauma to bone and surrounding tissues
  • extremely high stability in fresh extraction sites and sites with thin sinus floors
  • ability to change direction during surgery gives full flexibility for optimal placement
  • a narrow neck designed to preserve marginal bone
  • grooves on threads and scientifically proven TiUnite™ surface

NobelActive™ expanded indications

The unique self-drilling and bone-condensing capabilities of NobelActive™ facilitate placement in clinically demanding situations, by offering:

  • excellent stabilization in soft bone – using gradual condensing of bone in all dimensions throughout the entire length of the implant, even with as little as 3 mm of bone at the neck of the implant
  • adjustment to small changes for parallelism – using the self-drilling capacity it is possible to change direction of the implant during implant placement
  • immediate placement in the esthetic region, even when buccal bone plate is very thin
  • excellent stabilization in wide sockets - using minimal osteotomy, even with as little bone as 3 mm at the bottom of freshly extracted sockets